250,000 euros investment for PATS

October 7, 2019

PATS, the innovative company that develops small autonomous drones to keep crops insect free, receives an investment of 250,000 euros from the UNIIQ investment fund. The money will be used for further product development and to make the drones suitable for use in other crops.

The investment was announced last Friday by alderman Karin Zwinkels of the municipality of Westland during the Westland event “Modern entrepreneurship” at Royal FloraHolland in Naaldwijk.

PATS currently focuses on combating moths, which can cause considerable damage to crops in greenhouses. The technology consists of docking stations, equipped with cameras, that are placed throughout the greenhouse.  As soon as they detect a flying moth, the drone is sent at it at high speed. In a blink of the eye, the moth is terminated by the rotating propellers of the drone, which then flies back to the docking station to recharge.

Inspired by bats and dragonflies, the technology is environmentally friendly because chemical pesticides are no longer needed.

PATS will use the UNIIQ investment to expand the R&D team to speed up product development – and thereby bring it to market faster. “At PATS, we are very happy with the confidence of UNIIQ in our team and our technology,” says co-founder Bram Tijmons. “With our innovative application, we will soon be able to support many end users in protecting their crops.”

Liduina Hammer, fund manager UNIIQ: ““ PATS is a spin-off from Delft University of Technology that focuses on a relevant problem in the greenhouse and horticulture sector. The founders have a background within the MAVlab research group, the dronelab at TU Delft. The financing of UNIIQ gives these entrepreneurs the opportunity to validate this alternative and innovative way of controlling pests. ”

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