Blue Sparrow Fund: a new fund for startups in the medical sector

June 2, 2015

The YES!Delft MedTech event has brought forth a new fund for early stage startups in the medical sector. The Blue Sparrows Medtech Fund is freeing up €12 million for the youngest innovations in the field of healthcare.

“Everyone sees the necessity for healthcare innovation, but there are only a few investors who dare take the risk of investing in early stage medtech companies,” says Bo Wiesman fromNewCompliance. “Banks and companies have started to be more risk averse.”.

To bring promising innovation passed the first ‘proof of concept’-phase, Bo Wiesman, along with his fellow medtech entrepreneurs from NightBalance, Clinical Graphics, LeQuest, Laevo & Spring, invested in the Blue Sparrows fund. “We’ve passed the first phase ourselves and are now generating revenues and are attracting customers, but we know like no other how hard it is to find financing for an idea that hasn’t proven itself yet,” says Wiesman.

The new fund also has two fund managers from Shamrock working with them and received financial backing by healthcare insurer Menzis and Delft University of Technology during the YES!Delft Medtech Network Event. “We hope to do our first investments, starting at €100.000,-, early 2016.” says Wiesman.

And that initiative has been received with open arms, say healthcare innovations from Adjuvo Motion,Innofuse and Zivver (among others) at the YES!Delft Medtech Network Event, that was made possible by Roche, FME and 3M. The need for efficient healthcare is only increasing. Medtech startups who contribute to that must be accelerated by every means possible.

Bo Wiesman (NewCompliance)
“We earned the trust of our customers inch bij inch. We started small, with printed toilet rolls for hospitals and we moved from door opening counters to incomplete safety cockpits for the OR.”

Olaf Weiner (Serial Entrepreneur)
“One of my key learnings after five ventures: 90% of the ventures fail because the key people started to fight against each other.”