Delft IMP in top 10 European cleantech competition

September 17, 2015

On September 4th, Delft Enterprise Delft IMP was awarded with the 9th position in the European finals of the Climate Launchpad business idea competition, with their scalable technology to produce highly efficient nanostructured catalysts.

Delft IMP is a spin-out company from the Product & Process Engineering (PPE) group at Delft University of Technology. Delft IMP is commercializing a new manufacturing method to produce nanostructured particles at industrially relevant scale, allowing a new generation of highly efficient catalysts to enter the market.

Applications include improved catalytic converters in cars, lowering the dependency on valuable resources such as platinum and reducing environmental impact,  but also improvements in refining processes, reducing the carbon footprint and enabling the transition to biofuels and bioplastics.

Climate LaunchPad

Climate Launchpad is a EU subsidized initiative to support cleantech startups defining their business proposition. This year, over 700 start-ups from 28 countries submitted their initial business ideas. Since spring, selected participants have gone through a demanding programme to work on their business idea: a 2-day boot camp, intensive business coaching and competing in national finals.

In the finals on September 4th, 15 of the most promising business ideas had the opportunity to pitch in front of a renowned international jury, where Delft IMP was awarded with the 9th position, giving entry into the ClimateKic Accelerator, an 18-month program to help deliver our product to the customer.