DELMIC announces world’s first integrated fluorescence and electron microscope

October 14, 2014

Last month TU Delft spin off comapny DELMIC, part of the portfolio of Delft Enterprises announced the launch of Delphi – a unique correlative microscope resulting from a unique collaboration with Dutch company Phenom-World.  

Delphi is a high-performance correlative microscope, combining fluorescence and electron microscopy in several innovative ways. Delphi for example offers simultaneous measurements without any need to move the sample. It is also built as a table-top system, limiting the demand for extra space and facilities and offering extreme ease-of-use. The companies developed a unique platform within a period of 12 months after project kick-off.

In life science imaging, fluorescence microscopy provides precise localization for specific events while electron microscopy is able to provide detailed structural information with nanoscale resolution and very good depth-of-focus. Combined, the two techniques

quickly provide a more complete picture for the user with a technique known as Correlative Light & Electron Microscopy or CLEM. With the Delphi, CLEM is made accessible for virtually any laboratory thanks to its ease-of-use and affordability. The Delphi is a revolutionary microscope with a wide range of applications, such as research into Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Diabetes.

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