Entrepreneurship @TUDelft

Entrepreneurial-minded students and employees of the Delft University of Technology can turn their great ideas into companies with the help of Delft Enterprises. From invention to patent and from strategy to startup

Under the heading Entrepreneurship@TUDelft the instruments of ‘knowledge valorisation’ are developed and deployed, in order to answer to the university’s ambition to stimulate entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship@TUDelft includes education in the field of entrepreneurship as well as research projects in cooperation with other companies. Read more about entrepreneurial education.

The TU Delft and Delft Enterprises also offer different entrepreneurial facilities and financing options. Divers competitions in the field are moreover organized all year round. Read more about our facilities and competitions.

To increase the number of successful spin-outs from the University, it is most of all important to have sufficient  innovative ideas.

Employees and students from the TU Delft can turn their promising inventions into successful companies with the support of Delft enterprises.

Would you like to know which the entrepreneurial activity suits you best? See our special Brochure.

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