Facilities for entrepreneurs (to be)


YES!Delft is the high-tech entrepreneurs centre with a clear mission: building tomorrow’s leading firms. Founded in 2005 by the TU Delft, TNO and the municipality of Delft, YES!Delft inspires students, professionals and scientists to make their first steps on the path to becoming an entrepreneur and offers them the necessary support to turn an enterprise into a ‘leading firm’. YES!Delft focuses on companies with a technological, innovative and scalable product or process and offers a wide variety of programs for people who are interested in technological entrepreneurship. Read more 

D:Dream Hall

The TU Delf has a long tradition of successful participation in student competitions. Examples are the Nuon Solar team, the DUT racing team, Greenchoice Forze -Formula Zero team Delft and the Delta Lloyd solarboat team. These teams are referred to as Dreamteams, derived from the location where most teams are housing, the D:Dream hall, situated at the Stevinweg behind the faculty of Civil Engineering.

In this building the teams have offices and can follow workshops to design and construct machines. The name of the building, D:Dream hall, is an acronym of Delft: Dream Realisation of Extremely Advanced Machines. Read more


D-Exto (Delft Experience Tomorrow) is the self-sufficient pavilion with a green foot print and is one of the ways the TU Delft wants to show the sustainable solutions it is developing. The pavilion is built for the Green Village at the Mekelpark but it will also travel to festivals and exhibitions. The D-Exto pavillion is an annual event in which a multidisciplinary team of HBO-, PhD-, honours- and master students work together towards an integrated pavilion which showcases the developed innovations. Read more