Financing @DelftEnterprises

In cooperation with the TU Delft, Delft Enterprises provides funding to (future) entrepreneurs in various stages of developing a product or process.

The process of transforming a technical invention or idea to a product, process, or service is often long, risky and difficult. Delft Enterprises aims to accelerate this process by offering funding for the most fragile phases of building a company, such as building a prototype. To offer promising technology the chance it deserves, the TU Delft also participates in several funds and offers the possibility to take part in (pre-) seed loans.

Funding the path from knowledge to the market

Proof of Concept Fund

The so-called Proof of Concept Fund was created by Delft Enterprises to provide funding for feasibility studies on new technical inventions. The fund is one of the instruments by which Delft Enterprises can support (possible) companies at a very early stage.


UNIIQ is a proof-of-concept fund of € 22 million created by a consortium of Erasmus MC, TU Delft, Leiden University and the regional development Innovation Quarter. It offers entrepreneurs the seed money to realize their plans and bridge the riskiest phase from concept to a promising business. The UNIIQ investment will be used to validate the innovation and the business concept. The process aims to make the transition to subsequent financing. UNNIQ applies a clear process with business friendly conditions.

TU Delft contact is Rolph Segers – Investment Manager (TU Delft)
Startup Voucher

The TU Delft Startup Voucher gives entrepreneurial minded TU Delft students the opportunity to cover the first costs in developing a great idea and for example develop a prototype.  Read More


Entrepreneurs that have been admitted to incubator YES!Delft are eligible for the so called pre seed loan to start a company. Read more

Other Funds

The TU Delft is involved in several funds for entrepreneurs, including the Dutch Greentech Fund, the Mainport Innovation Fund, InnovationQuarter and SHIFT Invest. Read More


Next to the TU Delft Funds, a variety of grants are available to entrepreneurs (to be). An example is the STW Take-off program. Advisors of the university can help you with the applications for the grants.