STW Take-off

Technology Foundation STW  was established as a foundation to serve the entire spectrum of technical sciences. Since then the foundation’s objective has been to realise knowledge transfer from excellent technical scientific research. Several years ago the emphasis in the mission was changed to knowledge transfer between the technical sciences and users so as to emphasise the role of the users in all STW projects.

During the research projects users provide valuable recommendations and contribute their own knowledge, which can lead to a tightening of the research question. Ultimately innovation – or in STW terms utilisation – is the result of the joint efforts between researchers and users.

The Take-off program is aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship at Dutch universities in al fields of academic research. Take off targets feasibility studies and early stage projects (2014-2018) and has two rounds per year.

More information

The Research Funding NL department of the TU Delft can help you with any requests as regards STW. More information about the advisors can be found on the team page of Delft Enterprises.