Other Funds

Financing for entrepreneurs

Mainport Innovation Fund: aviation

The Mainport Innovation Fund (MIF) aims to invest venture capital in promising technology companies with break-through innovations that make the sectors transportation, logistics and aviation more sustainable, safer, and more efficient. The fund’s focus includes aviation technologies, mainport development, energy, environment, security, safety, mobility, seamless travel and connectivity.

Investment decisions are based on the value that can be added using network, knowledge, and launching platform. MIF invests in return for a substantial minority share. Management remains in control, with active involvement of our team to contribute to accelerated growth.

Website: www.mainportinnovationfund.nl

InnovationQuarter: regional innovation

InnovationQuarter (IQ) is the regional development agency of the provice of South Holland. IQ finances innovative and fast-growing businesses, assists foreign companies to settle in the region and stimulates the cooperation between innovative entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and the Government. IQ offers young technology companies from the region venture capital to develop and grow.

Website: www.innovationquarter.nl

SHIFT Invest: food & agriculture

SHIFT Invest wants to generate environmental / health impact alongside financial return. As such, it is an impact investing fund. SHIFT is focused on innovations that are related to the food & agriculture value chain, healthy nutrition and clean technologies. This is where the fund has the strongest network and knowledge basis to offer more than just capital.

Website: www.shiftinvest.com