TU Delft Startup Voucher

€2.500 for your innovative idea!

The TU Delft Startup Voucher gives entrepreneurial minded TU Delft students the opportunity to cover the first costs in developing a great idea and for example develop a prototype. 

Startup VoucherThe Voucher, with a maximum value of 2.500 euro, can for example be used to build a prototype or to conduct further research. The money does not need to be refunded unless it is not used for the purpose for which it is requested.

How can I apply?

To apply for the TU Delft Startup Voucher an application form needs to be handed in, including the idea and motivation for which the money will be used. Students of the TU Delft may request the Voucher via Delft Enterprises. Within two weeks applicants will be informed whether the Voucher is granted (Only one Voucher per project is available). Students from the faculties Industrial Design Engineering (IDE), Aerospace Engineering (AE) and Electrical Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) have to request the Startup Voucher via their own faculty.

Download the Application Form

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Energy Start-up Voucher
Do you need funding to realize your idea for new technologies for energy savings or for harvesting, conversion or storage of energy? Delft Energy Initiative offers a Start-up Voucher of maximum € 2.500,- Besides, DEI offers every granted student access to “Discovery Day” (formarly known as 1.2.launch) a startup event of YES!Delft. For more information about this Startup Voucher, go to the site or send an email to energy@tudelft.nl


When the Startup Voucher is awarded, the student is required to report on the progress of the use of the Voucher. A university employee or alumnus will assist the student and , where necessary, play an advisory role.

The agreement between the TU Delft and the student consists of:
> The provision of the voucher
> No repayment, unless abuse
> Splitting the intellectual property
> A Reporting Obligation
> Intellectual Property

Template Startup Voucher Agreement

Basic conditions Startup Voucher

Intellectual Property

The initial intellectual property (IP) of new ideas and inventions is owned by the student, the IP rights can however be protected from commercial exploitation by third parties via the TU Delft Valorisation Centre. All patent, design and trademark rights of  the TU Delft are managed here. The Valorisation Centre is also involved if you need IP that belongs to the TU Delft to further develop your idea. This so-called ‘background IP’ can be used by students in consultation with the University, but it remains the property of the university.