First Commercial Innovation of the Year Award goes to MILabs

September 22, 2015

The World Molecular Imaging Society (WMIS) last week presented the first annual Commercial Innovation of the Year Award at the 2015 World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) to Frederik Beekman, ceo of MILabs.

Beekman recieved the award for his work developing G-SPECT. The winner was chosen based on votes from WMIC attendees for the unique clinical SPECT platform that allows for < 3mm resolution, low-dose studies and imaging of fast tracer dynamics.

Beekman and his team began working on G-SPECT in 2006, with hopes to translate their proprietary microSPECT technologies into a clinical machine. Given the currently field-of-view available for this system and its unique potential for fast dynamic imaging first applications are expected in brain, bone and pediatric imaging. A large field-of-view option for G-SPECT is already under development.


SPECT and PET are two of the most important molecular imaging modalities in use for diagnosis and therapy follow up. Today, SPECT imaging is applied to millions of patients each year. Although SPECT is a very useful tool, current resolution of typically 7-10 mm can limit diagnostic precision. MILabs has shown that this can be changed: the new G-SPECT has high sensitivity and far superior resolution compared to current clinical SPECT systems and has fast dynamic imaging capabilities.

“It is great that so many in the molecular imaging community, both academic and commercial,  voted for the G-SPECT, and that they seem to feel that we are at the start of something that may become a game-changer,” said Beekman. “MILabs employees are very proud and pleased that the results of their work is appreciated and recognized by the molecular imaging community.”

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