IMSystems receives capital to optimise Archimedes Drive

January 31, 2018

The Delft-based start-up IMSystems receives an investment of 300.000 euros from UNIIQ Investment fund and Delft Enterprises. The investment enables the spin-off from Delft University of Technology to enter the market with an optimised Archimedes Drive: a revolutionary transmission for high-precision robots.

The Archimedes Drive is a gearbox that uses friction instead of gear teeth to transmit torque. This device promises a revolution in gearbox technology and will change the world of robotics and other mechanical applications. The Archimedes Drive has many advantages, including ground-breaking improvements in size, weight precision and maintenance and could enable various innovations.

“We are convinced that the Archimedes Drive is a significant hardware breakthrough”

Thanks to the investment, IMSystems can test the drive extensively. By collaborating with leading robotics manufacturers, the start-up plans to release a commercial product later this year.

Founder and CEO of IMSystems Jack Schorsch is pleased with the investment, as it enables his company to get the product faster to the market. “We are convinced that the Archimedes Drive is a significant hardware breakthrough that allows robots to function optimally, with higher precision, less maintenance and at a fraction of the weight of competing drives.”