Inkless transfers its technology to Macsa ID

January 17, 2020

Inkless, the TU Delft spin off that enables to print without cartridges or toners, has transferred its technology to Macsa ID, a Spanish manufacturer of Coding & Marking equipment. The solutions of Macsa are used for printing on packaging materials.

“Inkless printing can make printing more sustainable and reduce the printing costs, while also the hassle that comes with changing consumables can be taken away. We believe that Macsa ID is the right party to bring the technology to the next step”, said Arnaud van der Veen, Co-founder/CEO of Inkless.

Printing on packaging and labelling

This inkless printing technology is most suitable for printing on Packaging and Labelling (Coding and Marking for initiates). Arnaud van der Veen: “The printing of barcodes, shelf life data and product codes on packages and on labels forms the best suitable market for this technology to start in. More and more packages are being shipped and all of these have to be provided with printed text and barcodes. Macsa ID is an important player in this market, so for that reason there is a good fit between their activities and our technology”

Macsa ID can use the Inkless technology in their aim to help their clients to mark and code with the fastest and cleanest methods available, whilst reducing the carbon footprint. “We are looking forward to seeing the benefits this technology will bring to our clients. Our industry faces great challenges as we enter the new decade, and technology like this allows us to face these challenges head on,” added Jordi Piñot, CEO and President of Macsa ID.

After that the transfer process will be completed, Van der Veen and Venkatesh Chandrasekar, who is the inventor of the Inkless technology, will discuss together with Macsa about the future developments of this technology and their potential personal involvements.

Van der Veen: “Of course we started this company with the aim to become an important player in the printing market ourselves. During the development process we discovered however that it is quite difficult as a startup to bring this technology to the market without established partners. We believe that under the roof of Macsa, this interesting technology gets a better chance to be introduced to the market”.