Leo de Vreede en Frido Smulders win DESA Awards

May 18, 2015

The scientists who know how to get the entrepreneurial fire started in themselves and in their students were awarded yesterday at the YES!Delft Network Event.

From the hands of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, associate professor Leo de Vreede and dr. ir. Frido Smulders, both scientists at TU Delft, received an award for the most Entrepreneurial Scientist from Delft. Along with that prize, they’ve received a valorisation bonus of €15.000 & €5.000 to further their entrepreneurial activities.

“Leo de Vreede has been involved with several spin-off companies and a lot of patent requests, that proves that valuable scientific research has been done,” says chair of the jury Dirk Jan van den Berg, also president of Delft University of Technology. “Frido Smulders knows how to inspire his students to think unconventionally, that can lead to world changing solutions.”

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