Physee raises 1.5 million Euros to accelerate development of smart and sustainable building facade solutions

May 9, 2018

The start-up Physee has raised 1,5 million Euros in funding to accelerate the development and sale of smart, energy generating windows. The money was collected by a specifically assembled Clean-Tech Real Estate Consortium, that consists of Daan van der Vorm (Vorm Ontwikkeling), Coen van Oostrom (Edge Technologies), Job Dura (Dura Vermeer Group), the Van Veggel Family (Timeless investments), and tech company builder and serial investor Dinko Valerio (CRXL).

 Physee, a spin-off company of Delft University of Technology, will use the money to scale-up the production of its products and to further develop currently patented lab-scale technologies. Next to that the investment will enable the company to expand in large European and overseas cities. In this way, the company aims to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

“Scalable real estate solutions that improve building’s energy consumption and contribute to the productivity of the labour force make our living environment #ParisProof.”– Daan van der Vorm

Physee CEO Ferdinand Grapperhaus Jr.: “A sustainable future simply must include a better view on how we develop and utilize the buildings we spend 90 percent of our time in. Because we spend so much time in buildings they are responsible for 40 percent of the global electricity consumption. At Physee our mission is to make buildings comfortable self-thinking power plants.”

Daan van der Vorm, CEO Vorm Ontwikkeling, board member of the Dutch Green Building Council and lead investor of the consortium: “Scalable real estate solutions that improve building’s energy consumption and contribute to the productivity of the labour force, have mass application potential and therefore immense opportunities to make our living environment #ParisProof. Its development is challenging, due to a conservative industry relying on numerous stakeholders not accustomed to change. Therefore, we want to set the example by taking the lead together with Physee.”

Physee was founded in 2014 by Willem Kesteloo and Ferdinand Grapperhaus and it produces the electricity- and data generating glass products PowerWindow and SmartWindow. Since its foundation, the technology company has successfully supplied various real estate projects with its innovative products, such as the Rabobank head-office in Eindhoven and the Goede Doelen Loterij headquarters in Amsterdam.

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Photo credit: Sjors Massar