'Self healing concrete'

TU Delft spin-off Basilisk ensures self healing concrete with limestone produced by micro-organisms.

Basilisk self-healing concrete is developed at the Delft University of Technology and is based on a autonomous repair system which is made possible by limestone-producing micro-organisms (bacteria). When the bacteria come in contact with oxygen and water they are capable of converting certain nutrients to calcium carbonate (limestone).The patented technique was developed in cooperation with Henk Jonkers, Sybrand van der Zwaag and Annegreeth Lameijer.

Company Profile
Incorporation November 2014
Participation since November 2014
Founders Bart van der Woerd
Jordy Kern
Renee Mors
Employees 0
Linked faculty Faculty of Civil Engineering


Company history and milestones
April 2015 TU Delft researcher Henk Jonkers and his bio-concrete are nominated for the European Inventor Award
May 2015 Large scale application of self-healing concrete by BAM and Rijksvastgoedbedrijf
May 2015 Basilisk is Finalist for the European Inventor Award 2015
April 2016 Basilisk is on of the finalist of the Lighthouse Awards 2016
July 2017 Basilisk Nominated for the MKB Innovatie Top 100
November 2017 Green Basilisk self-healing concrete receives VC investment from SHIFT Invest