“Pay-Per-Use home appliances”

HOMIE is an innovative start-up that operates at the forefront of the circular economy by proposing, developing and testing new circular business models with consumers that reduce our need for ‘stuff’ and helps us reduce our environmental impact in the home significantly. HOMIE wants to significantly reduce the environmental impact of domestic appliances, by moving from “ownership” to “Pay-Per-Use”.

Starting with washing machines, HOMIE will offer free installation and maintenance of a high-quality washing machine, with the cost of water and electricity included in a small fee charged at every washing cycle, thus offering an innovative Pay-Per-Use service model. Washing machines are only the start, and HOMIE aims to roll out its vision of “less stuff, more happiness” to all appliances in the home through an innovative platform approach.

More information can be found on the website homiepayperuse.com or get in touch via an email.

Company profile
Incorporation August 2016
Participation since August 2016
Founders Colin Bom
Dr. Nancy Bocken
Hidde-Jan Lemstra
Linked Faculty Industrial Design Engineering
Website homiepayperuse.com


Bedrijfsgeschiedenis en mijlpalen
August 3rd 2016 – Incorporation HOMIE B.V.