Easing the automation of engineering design

Application developers often deal with time-consuming and repetitive engineering design processes. Engineering productivity would be significantly enhanced by capturing engineering logic in a high-level, re-usable manner without distractions. The software of ParaPy with its unique modelling, along with its technical support services, makes that possible.

ParaPy’s solution

The ParaPy software eases the automation of simulation-driven engineering design processes by providing dedicated toolboxes for automated CAD modelling, meshing and integration with CAE software. Design engineers use the ParaPy Knowledge Based Engineering software to develop parametric, rule-based applications that automate repetitive, time-consuming engineering tasks.

Engineering companies and academia benefit from these computerised automation products, because they can design products faster and optimize them. As such, the ParaPy software will usher a new level of engineering productivity.

Company Profile
Incorporation April 2016
Participation since April 2016
Founders Reinier van Dijk
Max Baan
Linked faculty Aerospace Engineering


Company history and milestones
December 2016
ParaPy and Fokker will jointly develop several applications with the ParaPy platform and state-of-the-art simulation software.
October 2017 World Solar Challenge winner Nuon Solar Team uses Parapy for the automation of their design process