A new way of deal making!

WeGain supports professionals during complex negotiations with the A.I. Negotiator.

Research shows the maximum value of negotiations seldomly is achieved, due to

– human emotions interference
– no focus on win-win outcome
– complexity (quantitative and qualitative criteria)

The full decision-making space, with all key interests and preferences, is not being explored effectively. The human brain cannot take all desired variables into account and simplifies the negotiation situation. Which leads to a suboptimal outcome.

The A.I. Negotiator helps to determine the weighted importance of all interest and preferences in the Negotiation Domain and calculates optimal bids with ultimate outcomes. And by doing so, the A.I. Negotiator enriches the win-win negotiations Agreement with improvements up to 30% in results.


Company profile
Incorporation September 2019
Participation since September 2019
Founders Catholijn Jonker and Ferry Holzhaus
Employees 4
Linked faculty EWI
Website https://www.wegain.nl


Company history and milestones
September 2019 Incorporation of Wegain