TU Delft spin-out Anteverta-mw acquired by Industry Partner Maury Microwave

March 31, 2015

DELFT, March 31, 2015 – The US Maury Microwave Corporation, manufacturer of microwave measurement and laboratory equipment has acquired tech startup Anteverta-mw, spin-out from Delft University of Technology.

Maury Microwave, based in California, acquirers 100 percent of Anteverta-mw. “We will continue to operate from the Netherlands,” says co-founder Mauro Marchetti. “This is the ideal step for us to further grow.”

Anteverta-mw B.V. develops advanced measurement equipment to accurately analyze transistors and transmitters for telecommunications. The technique allows for the establishment of the optimal properties of the channels. This makes sure that signal distortion in mobile networks can be minimized, which allows for better data transfer, while the energy consumption is reduced significantly.


Anteverta-mw was founded in 2010 after nearly a decade of research led by Associate Professor Leo de Vreede (Electronics Research Laboratory) from the Delft University of Technology, and captained by Mauro Marchetti (PhD 2013). “Even before the spin-out company was established, the potential of our technology was recognized by potential clients”, says Marchetti.

By strategically partnering with Maury Microwave, Anteverta-mw was able to deliver measuring systems, hardware and software quickly to known organizations such as the Fraunhofer Institute and NASA and companies like Freescale and NXP.

With the support of Delft Enterprises, part of the Delft University, patents and funding were secured and a strong business model was developed. “Delft Enterprises is the place where university spinouts get the tools for a successful start-up,” says Paul Althuis, Director Delft Enterprises. “Anteverta-mw is a great example of how the TU Delft creates social and economic value from technical knowledge.”

“Our acquisition of Anteverta-mw is a critical step in strengthening our long-term strategic development plan,” says Greg Maury, CEO Maury Microwave. “Anteverta’s intellectual property fits seamlessly in Maury’s device characterization product offering and adds unique capabilities which solve real-world measurement challenges. In addition, Anteverta’s staff, as well as the collaborating researchers at TU Delft, will continue to contribute expertise and insight to the global Maury team.”