TU Delft spin-out most innovative business in the Netherlands

February 9, 2016

Holland Container Innovations, a TU Delft spin-out company, is nominated for 'The Business Awards 2015-16'. Recently, the start-up was crowned National Champion out of 30,000 other entries by the jury of the European Business Awards (EBA).

Since 2007, the European Business Awards has been shining a light on the most innovative businesses on the continent by promoting success, innovation and ethics in the European business community. There are 10 categories in which an award is granted. Holland Container Innovations is nominated in the category ‘The Import / Export Award.

Holland Container Innovations B.V. (HCI) was established in 2008 to successfully market the idea for a foldable container that reduces the required storage of empty containers and thereby reduces costs in the container market. In 2011, HCI received a CSC certificate (Convention or Save Container) for its prototype. This certificate is an international recognition that the container can be safely handled, transported and stacked on ships, trains, etc. A few years later HCI started production of a first series foldable containers which are used in pilot projects that HCI runs together with partners.