VSPARTICLE receives an investment from Invaco Management

February 14, 2018

VSPARTICLE, the Delft start-up enabling a revolution in nanotechnology through their innovative machines, receives an investment from Invaco Management, the investment vehicle of Dutch off-shore entrepreneur Keesjan Cordia.

Following the successful launch of the first machines for research in The Netherlands, Germany and China, VSPARTICLE was looking for growth capital to expand its business internationally and further advance its technology and products. With the investment by Invaco Management, the VSPARTICLE team can be expanded internationally and invest in the development of new machines together with leading companies in the microelectronics and chemical industries as well as in the healthcare and energy sectors.

VSPARTICLE provides researchers and industries with systems that produce nanoparticles using a safe, stable and controllable process. It replaces traditional processes that are typically very complex, unreliable and require months of work to produce the desired nanoparticles. The technology of VSPARTICLE enables the production of such nanoparticles at literally ‘the push of a button’, resulting in the production of nanoparticles in a wide range of sizes, compositions and concentrations with excellent control over the process. This brings projects that are only expected to deliver results years from now within immediate grasp in a tremendous boost to the nanotechnology revolution.

Invaco Management considers this technology to be a breakthrough and aims to make VSPARTICLE a leading international technology company by providing growth capital and management support. Keesjan Cordia: “VSPARTICLE has the potential to provide a contribution of fundamental importance to the way the world uses and produces materials. This can have a significant positive impact on our environment and the use of natural resources”.

For Aaike van Vugt, CEO of VSPARTICLE, it’s the uptake of materials engineered at the nanoscale that will prove the true value of VSPARTICLE technology. Van Vugt states: “The development of new materials is crucial to the innovations that may provide a solution for climate change. The next generations of batteries and solar cells, too, can become reality when we are unable to develop better materials. After the stone-age, copper-age and the current silicon-age, VSPARTICLE opens the door to a nano-age, in which we can engineer materials at the atomic scale”.

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