What we do

We connect great ideas with talent and financing

Delft Enterprises participates in innovative, early stage and technology based spin off companies of Delft University of Technology. We aim to empower and speed up the development of these startups, as part of the ambition of the university to turn scientific knowledge into economic value.

Our goal is to connect innovation (promising ideas sprung from the university) with entrepreneurship (ambitious students and employees) and financing. These in our philosophy are the building blocks of successful startups.


Innovation starts with a good idea, for which a patent is filed via the TU Delft Valorisation Centre. A team of business developers then explores the best commercial options for the invention. If a spin-out is the best way to reach the market, Delft Enterprises comes into play to provide for the needs to successfully startup a company.


This includes finding entrepreneurs with ambition, a good team, strategy and the fist financial needs. But also an extensive industry related network and expertise in legal, financial and administrative fields.

To turn as many promising business cases into successful companies, Delft Enterprises continuously seeks cooperation with relevant partners. From companies and investors to students willing to build a company or experienced entrepreneurs. Students with a good idea for a company that is not directly linked to TU Delft research may also seek the support from Delft Enterprises.


Delft Enterprises and the TU Delft provide funding to (early stage) startups to further develop their products or processes. We also seek external investors, whom may support our companies when the time is right.

Our primary goal is to bring technical innovations from the university to the market successfully, this is also why we have a clear exit strategy in participating with our startups: our involvement endures only for as long as we can add value. When a startup is ready to stand on its own feet, we will seek to sell our shares to a relevant market party.

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