Mayht receives investment from to further develop speaker technology

januari 28, 2019

TU Delft spin-off and Delft Enterprises' portfolio company Mayht develops disruptive loudspeaker technology and with the investment by aims to create a first mass manufacturable driver and commercialize the driver in specific target markets.

Mayht’s revolutionary speaker technology

Consumer electronics have become more compact and powerful over the years, while speakers have hardly changed. Mayht has developed a revolutionary loudspeaker technology which is 16x more powerful than any other existing technology; regardless of size, shape or price point. By integrating Mayht technology, flat TV’s will finally sound impressive without the need of an additional large subwoofer, Mobile phones will sound like pleasant bluetooth speakers, the best home speakers in the market will become 16x smaller without any audible difference. Mayht is making it possible.

” is excited about Mayht’s technology as well the deep experience of its team. We have very high expectations of the impact on the Tech and Consumer Electronics markets that are always looking for ways to decrease size while preserving sound quality” – partner Paul Pruijmboom.

Mayht has conducted extensive conversations with key people of the global Tech Giants as well as Speaker‑ and Consumer Electronics companies. By demonstrating the technology, explaining the working principle, and performing measurements, it became clear that Mayht’s protected technology is truly unique, and by far outperforms all existing speaker technologies.

With the funding in place Mayht can now develop this technology further into a mass manufacturable driver with a focus on specific markets and hopes to present its first product in 2019.