"High Performance Genomics"

The Bluebee genomics platform supports cross-functional teams of life science researchers and clinicians by effectively centralizing and managing their genomics data processes and storage needs.

Bluebee accelerates genomics insights discovery via the delivery of optimized gold-standard data analysis pipelines, employing both supercomputing and private cloud technologies. This results in a unique high performance cloud-based genomic analysis platform that enables efficient and affordable processing, and insight generation from ever-increasing genomic data. Bluebee’s continuously expanding and evolving platform, coupled with a comprehensive support team, results in expedited, analyzed data delivery, which improves time to results and ultimately contributes to increased quality of life.

Bluebee was founded in 2011 by an international and experienced team from the leading institutes Delft University of Technology  and Imperial College London (United Kingdom). The combination of domain experts in the development and deployment of large scale mission-critical infrastructure, seasoned bioinformaticians and renowned academic researchers in high performance computing, led to the use of three disruptive technologies – high performance computing, cloud computing and genomics – which together deliver a unique genome analytics service for research and clinical labs.

Company Profile
Incorporation January 2011
Participation since January 2011
Founders Koen Bertels
Hans Cobben
Vlad-Mihai Sima
Zaid Al-Ars
Employees 20
Linked faculty Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science


Company history and milestones
2011 Whiffle is incorporated.
2014 Bluebee wins first prize Digid Award
2015 HiPEAC Tech Transfer Award
May 2015 Bluebee raises 1.75 million euros investment
May 2016 Bluebee raises 10 million euros in series A Financing
March 2017 Bluebee has been awarded the Frost & Sullivan 2017 European Enabling Technology Leadership Award