C2CA Technology

C2CA Technology markets low-cost concrete recycling solutions

Recycling concrete

Concrete takes up the bulk transport of building materials in urban environments. And it is often left behind as rubble when structures are demolished. By recycling concrete this impact can be decreased.

C2CA Technology’s solution

The company develops a new concrete recycling technology that is low-cost. Recycling the concrete through a new and advanced dry recovery technology reduces the use of water and energy  and it decreases transport through urban areas. With this methodology of concrete recycling, C2CA Technology separates materials purely mechanically and in the moist state. Prior drying or wet screening is no longer necessary. This simplifies the process of recycling and it avoids problems with dust or sludge.

C2CA Technology uses kinetic energy to break the bonds that are formed by moisture and fine particles and can classify materials almost independent of their moisture content. Because of this separation, the aggregate is concentrated into a coarse aggregate product and a fine fraction, which includes the cement paste and contaminants such as wood, plastics and foams.

Company Profile
Incorporation July 2016
Participation since July 2016
Linked researchers Peter Rem
Peter Berkhout
Linked faculty Civil Engineering
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Website www.c2ca-technology.nl


Company history and milestones
October 2018 World premiere at Innovation Expo 2018
July 20th 2016 Incorporation of C2CA Technology B.V.