‘A Revolutionary New Carbon’

CarbonX is a newly discovered porous carbon material consisting of chemically linked nanostructures that form a highly oriented network.

CarbonX is an excellent enhancer of material properties, varying from accurately controlled electrical and thermal conductivity to lightweight reinforcement. With CarbonX, it is possible to create lightweight, reinforced and conductive materials. The uniform nanostructure networks can be easily embedded into a wide range of polymer compounds. No need for extensive pre-processing steps. As a result, compounders, formulators and product designers experience ultimate freedom of design. Whether you want to control electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity or require mechanical reinforcement: the pre-formed network structure provides uniform properties in every direction. Smooth processing is ensured as the nanostructures are hindered from agglomeration in the rigid network structure. Ultra-thin films and complex product details are possible since process-ability is minimally affected.


Company Profile
Incorporation Februari 2014
Participation since November 2015
Founders Rutger van Raalten
Daniela Sordi
Employees 14


Company history and milestones
February 2014 Incorporation of CarbonX B.V.
November 2015 Opening Application Development Lab at Yes!Delft Labs
December 2016 Scale-up to 3 ton per annum pilot facility
March 2017 Expansion Thermoplastics Development Lab
March 2017 Scale-up to 500 ton per annum commercial pilot
January 2018 Scale-up to 20,000 ton per annum commercial line
December 2018 Expansion Elastomer & Battery Development Lab