Clear Flight Solutions

Bird Control
Various birds may find a site attractive for nesting, foraging or resting. At places such as airports, industrial sites, orchards and farms, birds can cause a lot of damage and may even create life-threatening situations. With the unmanned aircraft systems of Clear Flight Solutions, the start-up offers environmental friendly bird and wildlife control, and aerial inspections.

Robirds and Drones         
Clear Flight Solutions provides a custom made bird control strategy, in compliance with the local ecological system. By triggering the instinct of birds, through a realistic bird silhouette and wing movement, chasing off birds becomes fully controllable. Its falcon Robird chases off birds up to 3kg, and the eagle Robird chases away the bigger species of birds. If necessary, the startup combines its Robirds and drones with technologies, such as lasers, infrared or acoustic devices. In the long term birds will learn to avoid an area and populations will drop significantly, reducing problems experienced at the site.

The Robirds and drones, equipped with (infrared) cameras and software, can conduct assessments of nature reserves, farm land and industrial sites. The start-up can therefore effectively locate wildlife, monitor crop development, check the porosity of dikes or monitor bird and rodent populations on an extensive construction site.