"safe sleeping, wherever you are"

CloudCuddle develops a safe sleeping environment for physically and/or mentally impaired children, wherever and whenever they want.

cloudcuddle-cartoon_groen_kleinerThe CloudCuddle team consists of Francesca Lucas and Lotte Leufkens. They started development during their minor Biomechanical Engineering and decided to continue their efforts after positive feedback from families that could use their product.

After winning multiple competitions with their idea, developing full-size prototypes and a business plan around the product, they are now working hard to get the product to market.

CloudCuddle started testing their product in cooperation with families waiting for their solution in November 2016, receiving very positive feedback. At the moment the CloudCuddle is tested for durability and ease of use and final preparations for the first production series are underway. Delivery of the first CloudCuddles is expected early summer 2017.

Company Profile
Incorporation March 2016
Participation since March 2016
Team Lotte Leufkens
Francesca Lucas
Employees 3


Company history and milestones
Oktober 23rd 2014 CloudCuddle team receives TU Delft Startup Voucher to develop idea
May 2015 CloudCuddle team wins KIVI Student Prototype Award
March 21st 2016 Incorporation of CloudCuddle B.V.
May 24th 2016 CloudCuddle reaches final 5 of PHIA 2016
May 25-28 2016 CloudCuddle presented to target audience at Support Beurs 2016
November 16th 2016 CloudCuddle wins ASN Wereldprijs
December 2016 CloudCuddle receives Take-off 1 grant
Q4 2016 – Q1 2017 CloudCuddle succesfully user tested in family homes
March 10th 2017 Lotte Leufkens wins Student Entrepreneur of the Netherlands 2017
October 2018 Investment in CloudCuddle by Blue Sparrows