"Digital journeys for physical stores"

Shopping channels

Both online and offline shopping have distinct qualities. Often retail stores do not effectively make use of the benefits of blending these channels. This affects the possibility of optimising sales. The personal interaction between sales staff and customers is what makes physical retail stand out from online shops. Many in-store sales representatives however are offline. With its technology, TU Delft start-up Count3r has designed a solution that assists staff with selling by bringing together those shopping channels into one customer journey.

More sales through one customer journey

TU Delft spin-off Count3r developed a technology that provides in-store sales representatives with vital product, sales, and store information on a tablet. This technology on the tablet enables the sales force to be effective and well-informed guides to the consumers. It uses a unique algorithm that helps the customer make a choice from a large number of consumer electronics. In just a few steps the sales representative will discover the customer’s preferences and will find the product that matches best. Count3r’s selling device holds the potential for the sales staff of selling up to 20% more of anything, to every customer and on every department.

Large customer

In November 2016, Media Markt announced that it will start working with Count3r in every store in the Netherlands. Since January 2018, the retailer provides all its Dutch businesses with the app of Count3r and thus further improves its service to customers. The expectation is that the branches in Germany and the rest of Europe will follow, said Dennis Hooijmans, COO at Media Markt Netherlands.

Company Profile
Incorporation February 2013
Participation since April 2015
Founders Tim Pellikaan
Jori de Goede
Peter van der Bel
Employees 5


Company history and milestones
February 27th 2013
Incorporation of Count3r
November 22nd 2016 Announcement of cooperation and investment by Media Markt
March 9th, 2017 Best Retail Innovation Award 2017 – jury prize
July 24th, 2017 Successful crowdfunding campaign
January 1st, 2018 Roll-out to 49 stores in the Netherlands
September 20th, 2018 300.000 customer contacts processed