Delft Advanced Biorenewables

"Enabling cost effective biobased production"

Delft Advanced Biorenewables is a science-based company developing bioprocess engineering solutions for health, nutrition, materials and advanced biobased markets.

DAB’s team has over 75 years of experience in industrial fermentation and downstream processing to tune bioconversion systems to our client’s specifications and demonstrate it’s technological solutions at relevant scale. 

DAB offers tailor-made recovery technologies that can be well integrated into existing or new facilities. With their innovate proprietary reactor concept, they overcome emulsion formation during fermentations of oily products. DAB is able to increase product recovery without the addition of chemicals nor the use of complex and expensive process steps.

Company Profile
Incorporation October 2012
Participation since October 2012
Founders Kirsten Herben-Steinbusch (CEO)
Arjan Oudshoorn (CTO)
Jan Willem Klerkx (CCO)
Employees 7
Linked faculty Faculty of Applied Sciences


Company history and milestones
May 2016
DAB opens new lab facility
July 2017 DAB Project is funded in MIT tender.
July 2017
DAB demonstrates successfully its proof-of-concept at 100L with the FAST (Fermentation accelerated by Separation Technology
July 2017 DAB attracks investment and CCO Jan Willem Klerkx