"The rock-solid battery technology"

E-stone Batteries is developing a long-life, low-cost, non-toxic battery that is made from abundant and widely available minerals

The abundance, direct availability and global utilization of iron makes it ideally suited as the affordable clean-energy storage material, enabling energy storage for everyone, everywhere.

E-Stone’s product combines an easy innovative fabrication method and uses a patented electrode formulation, making it possible to utilize the tremendous potential of iron. There is still nickel in their first nickel-iron batteries. But in terms of cost not more than there is lead in a lead-acid battery. The cycle life is already proven to be several times longer than lead-acid batteries and the energy density is 2-3 times greater. In future, E-Stone aims to replace the nickel for much cheaper variants (e.g. air electrodes).

Company Profile
Incorporation April 2015
Participation since May 2015
Founders Thomas van Dijk
Employees 8
Linked faculty Faculty of Applied Sciences
Website e-stonebatteries.com


Company history and milestones
April 2014 Received STW Valorisation Grant phase 1
June 2014 Received STW Valorisation Grant phase 2
April 2015 Incorporation of E-Stone Batteries
April 2015 Received TUD Proof of Concept loan
February 2017 Closed first funding round