COOL Separations

"An energy efficient method to produce clean water and pure salt from aqueous process streams"

COOL Separations is bringing the Eutectic Freeze Crystallization process to the market as an energy efficient method to produce clean water and pure salt from aqueous process streams.

The spin-off company from the TU Delft and was founded in 2009 and an intensive collaboration between COOL Separations (formerly known as EFCseparations), the TU Delft and various external parties has resulted in valuable knowledge on the EFC process, the alternatives and their fields of application.

Due to unique experience and knowledge of related crystallization processes (i.e. cooling and freezing crystallization) EFC is also capable of assisting in the selection of the most attractive treatment technique (in the field of low temperature crystallization) for any waste water stream.

Important developments are translated into patents in the fields of process application ands equipment design.

Company Profile
Incorporation May 2009
Participation since May 2009
Team Rob van der Meij (CEO)
Edo van Houten (CFO)
Employees 10


Company history and milestones
2003 – 2007 The continuous EFC process was developed and tested at TU Delft for the recovery of Magnesium Sulfate for an industrial Magnesium Sulphate stream
2009 EFC Separations BV was founded as a spin-off company from TU Delft to develop and commercialise the EFC process.
2011 Prof. dr. G.J. Witkamp, was awarded the DOW Energy Prize 2011 for his efforts in the development of the EFC process as an energy efficient water treatment technology.
2013 EFC Separations develops the Freeze Concentration (FC) process for an application in the agricultural industry for concentrating liquid manure.
2014 The EFC crystallizer is mounted in a semi-industrial scale pilot plant and commissioned for tests at various locations in the Netherlands.
2015 EFC Separations develops its first Freeze Concentration semi-industrial pilot unit for the food industry which was commissioned at the location of a client in the Netherlands with the purpose of concentrating vegetable juice. The pilot tests were successful and the client purchased the pilot unit.
2017 The EFC Pilot unit travels to South Africa for tests on Acid Mine Drainage waters coming from collieries.
2018 EFC Separations becomes COOL Separations.