"Never sprain your ankles again"

In the Netherlands alone, over six hundred thousand people suffer from an ankle sprain injury every year. Exo-L aims to solve this issue with a new type of ankle sprain prevention. The design is a patented invention, imitating the human foot anatomy. Exo-L is custom shaped to fit the ankle, reducing discomfort and bulkiness often experienced with conventional braces. The strapping mechanism ensures a perfect fit.

Inventor and CEO Marcel Fleuren developed the EXO-L at de TU Delft (faculty of Industrial Design) and in cooperation with the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam.

Company Profile
Incorporation May 2012
Participation since May 2012
Founders Marcel Fleuren
Employees 6
Linked faculty Faculty of Industrial Design
Website www.exo-l.com


Company history and milestones
January 2015 The EXO-L safety belt is approved by the KNWV
June 2015 EXO-L is nominated for the INDEX: award
September 2015 EXO-L is finalist in the Shell LiveWire award 2015
August 2016 EXO-L safety belts are used in the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro