‘Deep learning for vision guided robotics’

Fizyr enables the automating of human tasks in logistics using AI. Their deep learning algorithm adds a layer of understanding, bringing autonomous decision making to processes that involve identifying, quality control, counting, picking and manipulating.

Fizyr develops worlds best trained algorithms to enable robots handling any pile* of varying** items or fully unknown parcels using machine vision. Our software can almost instantaneously perform quality control and proposes proper 6 DoF grasp poses. Their clients are leading global system integrators in online retail, warehousing, logistics and postal services.

* F.i. from a tote, roll cage or 1 m/s conveyor belt.
** Objects that vary in shape, size and color.

Fizyr, a deep tech company, based in RoboValley Delft, is globally recognised as THE pioneer that applies artificial intelligence for machine vision. #Double winner of the prestigious Amazon Picking Challenge

Company Profile
Incorporation April 2014
Participation since April 2014
Team Herbert Ten Have (CEO)
Kanter van Deurzen (CTO)
Laurens van Wijk (COO)
Employees 10


Company history and milestones
2014 The company was founded as ‘Delft Robotics’ by Martijn Wisse, associate professor at the TU Delft.
Juli 2016 Delft Robotics ranks first in both the picking final and stowing final of the prestigious Amazon Picking Challenge
October 2017 Delft Robotics becomes Fizyr