Cutting edge software-based technology for pleasant customized casting and splinting.

Fractures are one of the most common health problems worldwide. Casts and splints (half casts) are used for the realignment and fusion of fractured bones, and after certain orthopedic surgeries, for the immobilization of bones or joints. Moulding casts and splints involves iterative measuring, trimming, doffing and donning. This is time-consuming for both technicians and patients. With the cutting edge software-based technology of InexTeam, casting and splinting will become much more efficient and user friendly.

InexTeam’s Pleasant Customized Splinting
InexTeam developed a technology, to be patented, which enables automatic calculation and cutting splints. The design is tailor-made and much quicker completed. This much more efficient trimming provides ‘Pleasant Customized Splinting’. InexTeam’s approach also intends to improve this technology to be used in 3D-printing; a more environmentally-friendly method decreasing the amount of waste.

Pilot for hand splinting
The start-up is setting up a pilot, focusing on casting and splinting hands. After haven proven its feasibility in this pilot phase, InexTeam’s technology will also be applied to other parts of body, including the neck, chest, and (parts of) the legs.

Company Profile
Incorporation April 2016
Participation since April 2016
Founders Mohammad Mahdie Ghaemi Nia
Reza Lotfi
Amir Reza Givan
Linked Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Linked department Microelectronics


Company history and milestones
April 30th 2016 – Incorporation of InexTeam B.V.