"Developing revolutionary, inkless printers"

Consumables for printing require the use of fossil fuels and raw materials both on the ink, the ink cartridges and packaging of the cartridges. The distribution process from production to use and disposal takes up a lot of energy, process waste and emissions. Inkless provides a sustainable printing technique which doesn’t require consumables and thereby minimises waste and carbon footprint while reducing operational costs.

Inkless printing

Inkless’ patented technology enables high resolution black‐and‐white printing without the use of ink. Cartridges, toners or special coatings are no longer necessary. The printing of text, images and graphics can be applied to paper, labels and packaging surfaces. The innovative printing technology can be incorporated into existing production lines. This makes it a very effective and environment friendly printing technology for multiple markets: coding & marking devices, digital production printers, retail printers and office and consumer printers.

The printing takes place in competitive speed levels and provides operational efficiency, since replacement of consumables as cartridges is not needed. The Inkless solution therefore saves businesses downtime and causes much less environmental impact. There are several patents on the technology.

Company Profile
Incorporation June 2015
Participation since July 2015
Founders Arnaud van der Veen
Venkatesh Chandrasekar
Employees 10


Company history and milestones
June 2015
Incorporation of Inkless (Tocano Holding B.V.)
January 2017 Inkless wins Startup of the Year Award 2017 of
April 2018 Inkless raises 1 million euros in an investment round