“Sense-making, anywhere.”

Innatera is a semiconductor startup that aims to simplify sensor data analytics in power constrained devices. It develops ultra-efficient microprocessors that mimic the brain’s mechanisms for processing fast information streams from multiple sensors. These microprocessors enable complex turn-key sensor analytics functionalities, with 10,000x higher performance per watt than competing solutions. Innatera’s technology is a critical enabler for next generation devices in the IoT, wearable, embedded, and automotive domains.

Innatera’s founding team has a pedigree that includes engineering management and product development of advanced microprocessor and semiconductor systems in companies such as Intel, NXP, Philips, Cypress Semiconductor, and exploratory research at institutions including TUDelft (NL) and Imperial College (UK). The company’s partnership with TUDelft leverages over 10 years of advanced research into novel architectures and circuits for energy efficient computing.

The company is located on the university campus in Delft, where it carries out research and development for its current and future microprocessor products.

Company Profile
Incorporation September 2018
Participation since September 2018
Founders Sumeet Kumar
Uma Mahesh
Amir Zjajo
Rene van Leuken
Employees 0
Linked faculty Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science