‘The future generation of wind energy systems’

Kitepower is a spin-off of the Delft University of Technology developing airborne wind energy systems using high-performance kites.

Kitepower’s Solution

Harnessing the power of the wind to generate renewable energy is traditionally done through ground-based wind turbines, both situated at land and at sea.   The carbon footprint to manufacture, transport and install these large windmills with their related foundation are huge in relation to airborne wind-energy solutions

Wind between 200-450m altitude is stronger and more constant than the wind powering windmills. Kitepower develops a
power-generating kite system for this high-density source of renewable airborne wind energy. Their kites are quiet, quick to install and easy to deploy. Kitepower uses less material than ground-based turbines and takes less than an hour to set up. Their kites sweep through a large section of the sky, resulting in highly effective wind speeds. The kites are connected to the ground by means of a thin tether.

The market

Kitepower’s first target markets are off-grid and micro-grid locations as well as disaster relief areas. People in these areas mostly rely on diesel generators, with a high dependency on costly and logistically challenging diesel supplies. Kitepower provides a more sustainable, flexible and cost-effective solution. With its logistic flexibility, Kitepower offers an excellent alternative, when conventional power supplies are damaged.


Company Profile
Incorporation March 2016
Participation since March 2016
Founders Roland Schmehl
Johannes Peschel
Linked faculty Aerospace Engineering
Linked group Kite Power Research Group
Employees 22


Company history and milestones
March 2016 Incorporation of Enevate B.V.
March 2016 Kickoff REACH project
November 2016 Kitepower wins 200k at innovation award Dutch Defense Ministry
February 2017 Kitepower joins a full-time business growth program offered by YES!Delft
December 2017 Kitepower partakes in ‘Kickstart Sint Maarten’
December 2017 – January 2018 Kitepower is part of ‘Icoon Afsluitdijk’ as developer partner of Windvogel together with Studio Roosegaarde
February 2018 Milestone Achieved for Innovation Project with the Dutch Ministry of Defence
May 2018 Kitepower joins the ‘Island Trade Mission’
July 2018 On behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kitepower and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency/RVO showcase the 100kW AWES to an international delegation of sustainable energy experts
October 2018 Kitepower joins AWEurope
November 2018 Investor and entrepreneur Hendrik Hutting joins Kitepower