"Disruptive Speaker Technology"

Mayht is a high-tech startup that disrupts the status-quo of the speaker market.

The fundamental technology behind speakers hasn’t changed over the last decades. Mayht re-invented the loudspeaker from the ground up and introduces a new product architecture with an immensely powerful motor without compromise in quality and sound. Mayht technology enables loudspeakers that are 16 times smaller to reference market loudspeakers without loss in bass extension, overall sound quality or efficiency.

Company profile
Established March 2016
Participation since March2016
Team Timothy Scheek
Mattias Scheek
Werknemers 4


Geschiedenis en milestones
2000 – 2016 Timothy and Mattias Scheek design and build hundreds of speakers, at first out of interest, later with their custom speaker company Scheek-Loudspeakers
2015-2016 Timothy and Mattias Scheek invent a fundamental improvement to conventional loudspeaker technology
25 April 2016 Establishment Mayht B.V.
16 June 2016 Mayht wins Rabo Pitch4More
July 2016 First demonstration model proving potential of technology
January 2016 TU Delft and Mayht start STW: Take-off 1 – feasibility study
January 2016 –  nu Mayht develops  more demonstration models proving wide applicability and improved performance
July 2017 Mayht receives 300k UNIIQ Proof of Concept loan
January 2019 Mayht attracts capital with Series A investment from