"Making Molecular Imaging Clear"

MILabs was founded in 2006 by TU Delft Professor Frederik Beekman, who – as a researcher in molecular imaging – designed a whole new line of molecular imaging systems with unsurpassed resolution. MILabs’ U-SPECT and VECTor technologies have received international awards from the scientific community.

MILabs’ first commercial successes with U-SPECT-II and U-SPECT-II/CT were followed by expansion of their imaging technology products and the company’s customer base. MILabs products are now used in more than 65 countries.


Company Profile
Incorporation April 2006
Participation since April 2006
Team Freek Beekman
Oscar Schoots
Linked faculty Faculty of Applied Sciences
Employees 35
Linked Website


Company history and milestones
2006 MILabs was founded as a spin-off from the University Medical Centre Utrecht.
2011 MILabs introduced VECTor, a fully integrated simultaneous PET and SPECT imaging technology that provides uniform ultra-high resolution.
2015 MILabs received the 2015 Innovation of the Year award from the World Molecular Imaging Society.
2015 MILabs launched U-CT, a preclinical in vivo CT scanner.
October 2016 MILabs successfully completes a capital increase for launching revolutionary SPECT to the clinical imaging market
September 2018 MILabs’ VECTor6 with groundbreaking PET performance awarded Innovation of the Year at the WMIC 2018