"Making cubic images from depth cues"

QDEPQ can transform any 2D picture, video or digital cinema content to 3D.

QdepQ Systems is a spin out company from the TU-Delft, involved in real-time processing of still and streaming images for the digital television, digital cinema, gaming, multi-media and smartphone markets. QdepQ is based on the technology of Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) of (streaming) images and its subsequent processing, notably generating Depth from Luminance (DFL) i.e. making cubic images from depth cues.

Company Profile
Incorporation December 2014
Participation since December 2014
Founders Vikko Smit
Pieter Jonker
Boris Lenseigne
Mark Wijtvliet
Employees 4
Linked faculty Faculty of 3ME
Website www.qdepq.com