Sense Glove

“Blurring the lines between virtual and real interactions”

Sense Glove’s unique low latency force-feedback system enables the user to feel the shape and density of virtual objects.

Due to the precise sensor based tracking of each joint in the hand every interaction using the Sense Glove renders a virtual reality to feel like a physical environment. The sense glove can be used as force-feedback controller for virtual and augmented reality or as input device for tele-robotics.

The Sense Glove provides the most natural interaction in virtual and augmented reality. With the Sense Glove virtual objects are brought to live, you can feel, touch and interact with them as if they are real. With a background in the medical field of hand and wrist rehabilitation, Sense Glove believes that it can set a new benchmark for virtual reality interactions.

Company Profile
Incorporation April 2015
Participatie sinds April 2015
Team Johannes Luijten
Gijs den Butter
Werknemers 6
Linked Faculty Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering


Company history and milestones
April 2015 Adjuvo wins the Ordina Innovation Award
May 2015 Adjuvo wins the Sustainable Healthcare Challenge
November 2015 Finalist Herman Wijffels innovation awards
August 2016 UNIIQ Proof of concept loan
2017 Adjuvo becomes Glove Sense
2018 Sense Glove wins the LavalVirtual award
2018 Sense Glove is finalist of the AWE Auggie awards
2018 Sesne Glove ships its first product