Slimy Green Stuff BV

"Build the future"

Slimy Green Stuff BV is a TU Delft company that aims to develop and apply technology for the production and use of bio-based polymers. The polymers can be obtained from natural sources, either via harvesting or by bioprocess technology. The bioprocess technology allows bio-based polymers to be obtained from wastewater and treatment of industrial process streams.

Biobased polymer materials have the advantage of being sustainable and biocompatible. They can be processed in environmentally friendly solvents, often from aqueous solutions, preferably using the water they are made in anyway. They are non-toxic and non-flammable/self extinguishing. By mimicking natural materials like nacre, bone, wood it is possible to produce lightweight polymer materials with ultimate properties that are able to surpass those of current man-made synthetic polymers.

Slimy Green Stuff owns patents for the production and application of these polymers.

Company Profile
Incorporation January 2015
Participation since January 2015
Founders Stephen Picken
Linked faculty Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Employees 2


Company history and milestones
November 2016 The concrete curing compound Delft Green developed by Slimy Green Stuff is now available on the market
February 2017 The Slimy Green Stuff curing compound Delft Green has been used the Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis hospital in Delft for their new parking garage.
December 2017 Four patents of Slimy Green Stuff related to extraction and purification of alginate like exopolymer were sold to Royal Haskoning DHV