"Magnetic Density Separation with ferromagnetic fluids and special designed magnets"

Umincorp (Urban Mining Corp) was established in 2012 to develop and market its new, unique and patented MDS separation technology. This MDS (Magnetic Density Separation) technology makes use of ferromagnetic fluids and specially designed magnets.

MDS can be applied in the field of recycling (urban mining), mineral processing (mining) and other application areas that demand high-reliable sorting in a profitable way like in the seed industry. Umincorp licenses its breakthrough MDS technology, offers MDS machines to companies and is open to form exclusive partnerships with clients in specific market areas.

The technique was developed by the department of Resources & Recycling of the TU Delft, headed by professor Peter Rem.

Company Profile
Incorporation June 2014
Participation since June 2014
Founders Jaap Vandehoek
Jelle Sernee
Employees 7
Linked faculty Resources & Recycling Group at Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences


Company history and milestones
The Resources & Recycling research group lead by professor Peter Rem has worked successfully on hydrostatic magnetic separation
2008 First market implementation by applying some rudimentary MDS concepts for scrap recycling
2012 Urban Mining Corp is founded
November 2015 Research project ‘Innovative Magnetic Density Separation for the optimal use of resources and energy’ is funded by the STW
January 2017 Urban Mining Corp won the Enlightenmentz of the Year election in the category Process.
February 2018 Urban Mining Corp has become a launching partner of Plastic Whale Circular Furniture