Vertigo Technologies

‘Bridging the gap between conventional RF measurements and new market needs’

Vertigo Technologies provides innovative solutions for the testing of microwave and millimiter wave electronic devices, and for the microwave characterization of (biologic) materials.

In a word in which microwave devices and sensing techniques started to pervade everyday life with countless applications, from simple smartphones to augmented reality, from airport security screening to automotive radars, the (integrated) technology behind the implementation of every equipment needs to continuously change and improve, to always allow for better performances and new exciting applications. The only way for allowing a constant improvement for integrated technologies, is to be able to correctly characterize the performances of new devices, in order to assess their performances and employing them in the right application.

By extending the capabilities of conventional test equipment, Vertigo Technologies aims to revolutionize the microwave and millimeter wave test and measurement market. Vertigo provides hardware and software add-ons, allowing to improve the performances of test equipment to meet the new, stringent needs of the upcoming technologies. In particular, Vertigo’s products address three main fields:

1) Measurement of devices with extremely high mismatch, feature that characterizes all the newly developed nanometric technologies. For this purpose, our team developed the HΓ-VNA, an addon for conventional vector network analyzers that allows to improve the (small) accuracy presented when measuring devices with extreme impedances.

2) Measurement of devices operating at millimeter wave frequencies, which are and will be employed in the new wave of high speed sensing and communication, from automotive radar, to augmented reality, 5G, WiGig and millimeter wave networks. These measurements are supported by the introduction of Vertigo’s mmWave STUDIO, a software/hardware platform that expands the capabilities of millimeter wave equipment, enabling fast and accurate power control, large signal and load-pull.

3) Microwave characterization of (biologic) materials by means of dielectric measurements. For this application our team is developing FRESCO, a measurement technique that will allow the smart storage of fresh fruit and vegetables, allowing early detection of internal defects and ripening.

Company Profile
Incorporation May 2017
Participation since May 2017
Founders Luca Galatro
Raffaele Romano
Marco Spirito
Faisal Mubarak
Employees 2
Linked faculty Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science, Research Group Electronics Research Laboratory


Company history and milestones
June 2016
Received NWO-Take-off 1 grant
May 2017 Incorporation of Vertigo Technologies
December 2017 Received NWO-TTW Take-off 2 loan