Whiffle develops cutting-edge computing technology to produce ultra fine scale weather forecasts.

Weather forecast limitations

Forecasts form the basis for the trading process of both wind and solar energy because the day-ahead electricity market closes roughly 36 hours ahead of real-time. Uncertainty about the forecasted energy production leads to trading losses of roughly 10% of market revenues. With its ground-breaking weather modelling technology, start-up Whiffle will reduce trading losses and will make more effective use of energy available.

Local and up-to-date finecasting

Whiffle develops a weather model that offers daily fine-scale weather forecasts (or fine casts) on a subscription basis to clients such as wind and solar energy traders.  Its atmospheric simulation platform will produce local weather forecasts at ultra-high resolution, which allows for an accurate representation of small-scale processes like cloud formation, turbulence, solar radiation and surface interactions. As such, its innovative modelling incorporates the important aspects of energy production in its forecasting models. As a result, Whiffle’s forecasting services will be more accurate than what is currently available.

Company profile
Establishment August 2016
Participation since August 2016
Founders prof. dr. Harmen Jonker
dr. ir. Remco Verzijlbergh
Employees 5
Website http://weatherfinecasting.com/