Whiffle develops cutting-edge computing technology to produce ultra fine scale weather forecasts.

Whiffle is revolutionizing numerical weather prediction by using cutting-edge computing technology to run the world’s highest resolution operational weather model. 

Whiffle develops cutting-edge computing technology to produce fine-scale weather forecasts and weather simulations. Meteorological finecasting is all about mastering the art and science of accurately forecasting weather conditions – for example wind, temperature, cloudiness – at a certain location and time with unprecedented spatial and temporal detail. 

Whiffle has been operational since 2016 and was started as a spin out of the Delft University of Technology. With its roots in science, the company has continued cutting edge R&D to further develop the Large Eddy Simulation (LES) models and a unique implementation on high performance computing systems. This resulted in the world’s first LES based operational weather model that can perform highly accurate and high-resolution weather forecasts. Application areas of Whiffle’s model include wind and solar power projects, dispersion of air pollution, aviation and agriculture.

Company Profile
Incorporation August 2016
Participation since August 2016
Founders prof. dr. Harmen Jonker
dr. ir. Remco Verzijlbergh
Employees 7
Linked faculty Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Website www.whiffle.nl


Company history and milestones
August 2016 Whiffle is incorporated.
November 2017 More accurate North Sea wind information cuts cost of offshore wind energy
November 2017 Whiffle and Deltares start research in numerical modelling of metocean conditions at offshore wind farms
October 2018 Whiffle selected by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency in a winning consortium for Hollandse Kust Noord Wind Resource Assessment
December 2018 Whiffle weather finecasting selected by OutSmart for large scale wind power forecasting