Umincorp opens market for lower cost plastics recycling –Ingka Group invests

december 12, 2018

Umincorp, a TU Delft spin-off just announced an investment by Ingka Group. The investment enables them to take the next step in making their sorting solution for post-consumer mixed plastics available to a wider market, while continuing developments on complementary sorting technologies.

Umincorp is the developer and supplier of Magnetic Density Separation (MDS) based solutions. The MDS technology uses ferromagnetic fluid and engineered magnets to recover post-consumer mixed plastics at higher yields and polymer purities than existing sorting technologies. The value creating technology is able to lower the total cost involved in the chain of plastics recycling.

“Sorting – in a single step – 1.5 ton of mixed plastics per hour directly into separated polymer groups with a purity of up to 99% is the result of thorough research and development. We are very keen, supported by the investment from Ingka Group, to make our unique MDS technology available to the plastics recycling market. We aim to reach mass circularity of polymers by significantly reducing the cost of recycling and improving the purity of therecycled products. Our technology is an important enabler to get there.” says Jaap Vandehoek, CEO of Umincorp.

‘We aim to reach mass circularity of polymers’ – Jaap Vandehoek (CEO)

“We believe that treating materials as circular resources will be a defining movement of our era. This can only happen when the right infrastructure exists. This development brings us one step closer in making the circularity of recycled plastics more attainable. That’s why weinvest in innovative companies, like Umincorp, to grow and help enable the many people to live a more sustainable and affordable everyday life at home.” says Krister Mattsson, Head of Ingka Investments.

Umincorp was established in 2012 as a sorting technology solutions developer, based on the unique and patented Magnetic Density Separation technology. The MDS technology was originally invented by the Resources and Recycling Group of Delft University of Technology lead by professor Peter Rem.

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