VSParticle Blogs from MIT (4): ‘Past the halfway point’

augustus 4, 2015

After winning the first edition of the TU Delft STARTUP competition Tobias Pfeiffer and Aaike van Vugt, founders of VSParticle, are in Cambridge MA, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Our prize: a spot in MIT’s Global Founder’s Skills Accelerator (GFSA) at the Martin Trust Center (MTC). Read all about their adventures here.

Knowing that the second board meeting is a few days away, I realized that there are less days in front of us than behind. It’s sad knowing that we are coming closer to the moment that we will be counting down the days, but looking back I am very happy with the progress we’ve made so far.

We started off as two scientists/engineers, but we are becoming better entrepreneurs every day. When I started in October last year I didn’t expect that building a business would take so long. One thing the GFSA taught me is that having a good idea is only about 1% of your success.

Knowing and mastering all the different aspects of a startup takes a few years of hard practice but in the end determines your success. When you are developing innovative hardware, on top of building a solid business case, it will easily take a year or more before you figured everything out.


At the start of the GFSA I thought that with all the preparation we had done beforehand, three months of focus would show us how to run and scale up the company. These last few weeks, I have begun to realize that this will not be the case. With hard work we will be able to establish the outlines and structure that will support us in the coming years to bring our ideas to fruition. Guess our work has just begun.

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VSParticle (‘Very Small Particle’) brings a highly flexible technology to the market that makes nano particles  accessible for companies and researchers. The company is part of the portfolio of Delft Enterprises and YES!Delft.