VSParticle Blogs from MIT (5): ‘Ready to shine!’

september 17, 2015

After winning the first edition of the TU Delft STARTUP competition Tobias Pfeiffer and Aaike van Vugt, founders of VSParticle, are in Cambridge MA, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Our prize: a spot in MIT’s Global Founder’s Skills Accelerator (GFSA) at the Martin Trust Center (MTC). Read all about their adventures here.

Practice, practice, and more practice. If there is anything that describes the past few days it is practicing our pitch for DEMO day. This Saturday will get on stage in front of MIT students and investors to show the Boston community who we are, and more importantly: what we are doing. We entered GFSA with our main focus on research, wanting to make the life of researchers in various fields easier, by providing better access to custom nanomaterials through our easy to use nanoparticle generators.

In the first month we figured out, by doing a lot of in-depth interviews, that while the need is there, researchers would be a too small beachhead to start and scale the company. Research is still interesting for long-term development but we need a specific product with a big enough market that enables us to grow to a sustainable size.


The second month was dedicated to finding a scalable application where our technology could add the most value. We combined more interviews, with specialists in different markets, with our knowledge on nanomaterials and their applications. A week before the second board meeting, around the time I wrote the previous blog, we finalized our search because we found our ‘killer application’. From now on forward we will put all our effort on developing a new production process for conductive circuits.

Conductive circuits are the basic building blocks for all electronic products but are still made in a process designed back in the ’60. The current system is time consuming, complex and wasteful and limits the freedom of products designers. This need to change and we are enabling this with our technology.

Coming years

In the last month we focused on finalizing our development plans for the coming years. We’ve spoken with some key players that could support us in bringing this technology to the market. Looking back to 3 months GFSA I know we made so much progress that would normally take us close to a few years of trail and error.

We are getting ready to shine on DEMO Day and look forward to further grow our company back in Delft. Whether we will stay in Delft or will go back to the US, only time can tell. Exciting  things are happening;  if you want to keep up to date on our progress, follow us on twitter or keep an eye on our website.

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VSParticle (‘Very Small Particle’) brings a highly flexible technology to the market that makes nano particles  accessible for companies and researchers. The company is part of the portfolio of Delft Enterprises and YES!Delft.